Bringing Sexy To A “Man’s Sport”

Just as any other person I have gone through my phases of fashion trends, some good and some not so hot. One in particular always upset me and that was the fashion in the extreme sports world… or lack there of. There were very few attractive and well dressed female athletes. I was always so disappointed in the look of many extreme female athletes, but I was one of them! I spent the majority of my adult life feeling frumpy wearing baggy cargo pants and over sized tee-shirts. Layering up during the winter jumps and all around not caring… I was one of the guys. I never felt feminine and with a short hair cut I actually looked very butch. But I was one of only a hand full of women who participated in a “Man’s Sport” I have always valued my ability to hang with the boys in the sport but by the age of 22 I decided that no longer meant I had to dress like one. With that I embarked on my journey to bring sexy to BASE.  I no longer wanted to hide my deep obsession with high heel shoes from my BASE peers. Throughout my conquest I was made fun of by the boys who knew me before and considered me one of the dudes and I was also getting noticed more by publications and model scouts. I embraced my change in direction full heartedly and the next 2 years proved to be some of the most fun experiments of my life. Combining my sport with fashion, revamping my previously paused model career and all around having fun.

Growing into my femininity proved to be an awesome decision as I finally felt as though I was being 100% true to myself and who I wanted to be. I went so far as to combine work trips with BASE trips, changing from a skirt and heels to jeans and street shoes (not cargo pants and boots) to make a quick BASE jump then promptly changing back into my heels to head back to the conference. I started to enjoy the shock on peoples faces when they heard I was a BASE jumper and I was in 6″ heels at the time, almost like they couldn’t picture it.

In addition to my growing comfort ability in my femininity I began to gain some recognition in magazines such as Blue Skies and Women’s Adventure Magazine. Highlighting my femininity and desire to inspire other women to embrace everything about themselves and to follow their dreams no matter what field or industry they are in.

I may have traded my combat boots for heels and my cargo pants for jeans and skirts but what I realized was I had previously put so much emphasis on being one of the guys that I thought I had to be completely like them or they would look down on me. Sure to this day I get some funny looks at BASE events and gatherings when I show up in heels and a dress but because I have completely accepted myself as being feminine I am able to disregard the funny looks. It took me a long time to have enough courage to be who I am, a woman and a BASE jumper, with an emphasis on not allowing the BASE jumper part to dictate the way I looked or behaved. I realized that my skills speak enough for themselves that I don’t need to be just one of the dudes any more and I can be an attractive and well dressed BASE jumper.

The fear of judgment really constricted me in the beginning, letting go of that fear and being exactly what I wanted to be and dress the way that I wanted to dress really opened many more doors for me. It helped me grow as a person. Those who judge will always find a reason to judge so I made the conscious choice to let the nay-sayers fall to the way side and instead just have confidence in myself and my actions as well as my transformation.

This very concept of bringing sexy to BASE is highlighted in my upcoming Epic TV episode which will be live the end of August.

The transformation is always continuing as I constantly find ways to make BASE more feminine through fashion and photo shoots. My attention to detail gets stronger and stronger as I become more comfortable with my shift of polarity and has only propelled me even higher in my goal to inspire women to be who they are and still kick some butt in their sport or passion!!!Clair Maire, BASE girl


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