A New Turn

Over the years I have been on a preaching path of helping women find their voice, Motivate and Inspire them to find their passions. But up until now I haven’t shared much of my back story highlighting my struggles and accomplishments. Listing my triumphant times and my hard times. That is until now. With a book on its way to the editor I am now adding author to my quiver of tools and accomplishments. The book will be available by the end of the month and highlights life experiences from an ‘Extreme Sports Athlete’ as well as opens up my life and my past with the intent of helping other. Helping people realize they are not alone in their struggles and it takes drive, effort and never giving in to accomplish life goals! 

So whats next for this girl? I have decided to follow my own sound advice and stop at nothing to accomplish another one of my big goals. My goal is to become a talented actress who gives compelling performances. I have always loved acting and have always wanted to give back to the art and craft that raised me one movie at a time! Here we go 🙂 

~Clair Marie 


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