What It Means To Be A Model

Many people have a common misconception that being a model simply means being tall, thin, desirable and having their photo taken. This description couldn’t be further from the truth.

Each individual will have a different definition of what being a model means. For me being a model means loving my body, in all of its stages, weight gain and loss, every little imperfection is perfect. Being a model means having the confidence to endure judgement and critizm from people who believe you don’t have the perfect body to the people who believe you are just using your body and sexuality. It is the ability for me to express myself and know that I am doing what I love. It is an opportunity for me to get my face, body, brand and message out there! To inspire women to love who they are for every reason. To inspire women to let go of insecurities and do what they love. To be a roll model for younger girls to aspire to what they want and not what they are told.

Being a model is empowering and life changing!! So why allow others judgements to dictated my life path? I don’t!

This Is Me, Clair Marie

This Is Me, Clair Marie 


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