Preparing for a Trip and a Fun New Shoot

Over the past week I have been preparing for 2 very exciting trips. The first trip is coming up late next week for an amazing opportunity to do a photo shoot for a highly respected rock climbing calendar. On my way back from said shoot Kenyon and I are planning on making a stop off in Moab UT to do a few BASE jumps off legal cliffs and do some filming for an exciting upcoming project!! So looking forward to this.

Second trip is a life long dream of mine to take a 3 week trip to Thailand. It is finally happening starting the end of February! BASE jumping, beach time and good times. Can’t wait for this amazing trip! I am practically besides myself with excitement and now remember that feeling I use to get as a kid waiting for santa to come on christmas.

To pass my time before I take off on these amazing trips I have been focusing on lots of work and lots of shoots. Most notably another body painting shoot and an amazing test shoot with Kenyon yet again. Attached below is one of the fantastic images taken during one of my fun and chilly shoots 😛

Clair Marie

Clair Marie


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