Fighting To Break The Mold

Opening Doors To New Possibilities

Over the years in addition to participating in BASE jumping and beginning to make my mark as a master trainer I have dabbled in modeling. Unfortunately for me I was placed in a category and highly sought after for lingerie and boudoir types of shoots because of my body type and posing abilities. I was once told by a photographer that I have a “sultry” look about me and “Anyone can be sexy, that can be learned, people can’t learn sultry so when you have it work it!”

Needless to say it was a little bit disappointing because I wanted to expand my abilities and my portfolio to do fashion and other types of photography! What a struggle. But with a positive mind and outlook, as well as a no compromise attitude I have finally broken into the world of clothed photography 🙂 See below for some photos or check out my Model Page

Clair Marie, City Scape

Clair Marie, City Scape

Mid summers night eve

Clair Marie, Midsummers night dream

Glam shot


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